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🇺🇸 HASH is an open platform for simulating anything. Simulate the spread of wildfires in a regrowing forest, warehouse logistics, city infection models, rainfall, and more.

🇪🇪 Use machine learning to identify & share your key moments, faster. We perform an in-depth analysis of text and audio content to partition your content into shorter, tweet-length "segments."

🇬🇧 TrendLab: Provides business AI-powered insights based on your consumer's behaviors, needs, and interests. Users can pick between the Trend Discovery Tool or the Customer Insights Tool.

🇧🇷 pliim: Safely share your screen with one click. Avoid embarrassing stuff while presenting. Notifications, desktop icons, apps, and more.

🇺🇸 MailThis: Skip the post office. Upload your document, specify the address, and they’ll send your letter via USPS® right away. Saves you the hassle of buying envelopes, printers, ink, and postage stamps. 

🇪🇪 MeetFrank: Helps you find your dream job by bringing you relevant job offers. Useful for companies looking to hire, as well as for people looking to get hired.

🇱🇻 HEROVet: Get your pet medical help from certified veterinarians by video or chat.

🇨🇦 Goodbits: Create beautiful email newsletters in minutes. Goodbits lets you save articles from the web and turn your bookmarks into weekly digests.

🇪🇪 dashbird: Serverless debugging and troubleshooting from developers to developers. Dashbird is the central data platform for your serverless environment. Logs, metrics, traces, and configuration data are collected automatically for all serverless services (Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, API Gateway, etc.).

🇪🇪 Wolf3D: Personal 3D avatars for games, fashion, and VR/AR communication from a single selfie.

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