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Trevor here. Back with another pack of awesome startups. Here we go!

🇨🇦 Kernal: A platform for founders and investors to share, browse, upvote, and comment on business ideas. (Founded 2021, Total Funding Amount: bootstrapped?)

VCs and founders are flocking to the website already. Popular ideas on Kernal range from “Tinder for books” to “Pitch deck analytics” for investors.

The backstory: “We realized that there are platforms for products (i.e. Product Hunt), questions (i.e. Quora), and fundraising (i.e. AngelList), but there isn't a platform for people to share and validate startup ideas to see if they’re worth building. ”— Founder & Investor, Ryan Holmes

Why it’s worth checking out: Ryan’s statement resonates with me — every business idea needs to be validated so you can avoid wasting tons of time. What’s a better way to validate ideas than a community of experts willing to share and discuss openly?

🇭🇺 HACKRATE: A bug bounty platform that helps companies reduce cybersecurity risks by using the power of the global hacker community. (Founded 2020, Total Funding Amount: seed stage)

The backstory:  Balázs Pózner and Levente Molnár previously worked together in IT Security. They’re developing the platform based on their experiences in ethical hacking, penetration testing, and bug bounty programs.

“We're a team of IT security experts and ethical hackers. We are passionate about creating a leading bug bounty platform with a great hacker community.” Co-founder & CEO, Balázs Pózner

Why it’s worth checking out: Every tech company should have a bug bounty program for added security and usability. And not just tech companies, governments too.

🇨🇾 YOUS: AI-based translator for calls. The platform converts and translates a spoken language to another language in real-time. (Founded 2019, Total Funding Amount: raised a (~100k) small angel round)

How it works: (1) Recognizes telephone speech, (2) translates it, and (3) speaks in a synthesized voice in the interlocutor's language.

The backstory: “For over 13 years I have been creating products in the field of telecom, AI, and blockchain. I’m interested in GreenTech technologies as well.” — Petr Malyukov

Why it’s worth checking out: We’re more connected than ever, but we still don’t quite understand each other thanks to the language barrier. Could this software help close the language barrier gap?

🇺🇸🇫🇷  Willo: Rethinking oral hygiene. Makes the first one-of-a-kind tooth-brushing robot. (Founded 2014, Total Funding Amount: $7.5m seed)

Last week, Willo launched their first toothbrushing robot, designed for kids. See what Techcrunch had to say.

The backstory: We're a team of hardware, software, and design enthusiasts building the future of oral care. Invented by a dentist, Hugo de Gentile.

“Willo began in a French dental office. (Ooh la la!) Dentists have long known that patients could avoid issues with better at-home brushing. Still, most dentists could only remind patients to improve their technique, hand them some floss, and cross their fingers. But one Monsieur had a better idea. Read the full story here.” — Hugo de Gentile

Why it’s worth checking out: Oral hygiene is super-duper important to get right and it starts early. When I was a young rascal, I ate a lot of sweets and didn't brush perfectly. Now as an adult, I have spent over ~$15k just to fix my teeth. I hope this device helps more kids with their oral hygiene. Brush your teeth, kids!

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